DAY VISITS from $12
- Exercise and enrichment
- Walks (on or off leash)
- Potty breaks
- Feeding
- Medication
- Boredom busting


PRIVATE TRAINING $65/hour (customized)
Training takes place in your home/yard or mine. Private training has many advantages. It allows for a customized approach and for the participation of all family members. The foundations and skills necessary for basic training can often be covered in three or four private sessions.
- Puppy Training and Socialization $195
- Basic Obedience $260
- Crate Training $195
- Loose Leash Walking $195
- Recall $260
- Board and Train $1500 (10 days)

BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION $260 average ($65/hour)
Behaviour modification is an approach used to change the emotional response and behaviour in the presence of things which cause fear/aggression and/or unwanted behaviours. It involves counter conditioning and desensitization. We use this approach to help a dog with fear/reactivity to cars, people, other dogs, etc., and also when we want to condition a desirable response to new situations or things i.e. new baby, new noises. In some cases, and when a dog already has basic obedience skills, much can be accomplished in two or three private sessions. In other cases it may take five or six, occasionally more.

- In-home, kennel-free
- Stress-free, intimate
- Discounted rate for long term
- Board and Train options (minimum 10 days @ $150/day)

TRANSPORTATION $15 flat rate minimum plus $1.55/km or $65/hour billed by the quarter hour
- Driving pets with or without their people
- To and from appointments, caregiver visits, boarding
- Local and long distance

- Information and support
- Problem solving
- Change/adjustment
- i.e. new baby, relocation, disability

Facilitating loving visits when circumstances force separation…
- To Retirement, Nursing, LTC Homes, Hospitals
- To non-custodial loved ones
- Custom pricing

We support seniors in their relationships with pets. Daily or occasional help with care and/or behaviour, and the security of knowing there’s someone to step in whenever necessary, means that many who might otherwise not have a pet, can. Kindred Creatures is committed to removing barriers to pet ownership by providing the right help at the right time for each client.

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