Helping you be the best you can be together.
Caring when you can't.

Do you wish you could...
faviconPaw Have a great relationship with your pet
faviconPaw Take your dog places without worrying about behaviour
faviconPaw Leave the house without a half hour of doggy damage-proofing
faviconPaw Feel confident that you’re on the right track with your training methods

faviconPaw Learn more about how to give your dog a great life, how to play, how to mentally stimulate
faviconPaw Feel comfortable about the dog around the grandkids, or when the new baby arrives
faviconPaw Know that the cat will get more than just daily feedings while you’re away
faviconPaw Trust that your pets will be taken care of—same day, in your way—if you are suddenly unavailable  

faviconPaw Have help with daily care, exercise,  pet chores

faviconPawfaviconPaw Kindred Creatures can help. faviconPawfaviconPaw 

Kindred Creatures can help you achieve all of this, and more. Reducing the stress, managing the work of the care, and optimizing the joy in pets and pet owners is what we’re all about.

Kindred Creatures is a unique pet services provider combining knowledge, compassion, and expertise in pet care and pet behavior with knowledge, compassion, and expertise about pet owners.

Kindred Creatures has a deep understanding of the kinds of practical help people need when faced with barriers created by lack of time, know-how, illness, or disability, and the kinds of training that creates a well-mannered and happy pet.

Unique and efficient, helping with the unusual and the mundane, Kindred Creatures addresses the full range of non-medical needs related to pet ownership: From training and behavior modification to pet clean-up, and errands Kindred Creatures offers professional, courteous, custom service backed by expertise and fueled by respectful abiding love for animals…and people.

In her work as a professional community support services consultant, Kindred Creatures owner Cate Taylor observed that the people who needed help with the practical tasks of daily life also needed help with their pets. She also noticed how often behavior and lack of basic training created major problems and heart-break. In 2010 after witnessing much unnecessary hardship for both people and pets Cate began exploring options for integrating pet care into the community support service mix. Early in 2015, following graduation from the Ottawa Canine School's Professional Dog Trainer Program, Kindred Creatures was launched. Kindred Creatures has since been working with families to assist with the daily care and behaviour of dogs and cats using positive reinforcement techniques and enrichment strategies.

Cate Taylor is a Full Training Member of the Pet Professional Guild and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

A Specialty with Seniors

Pets play a central role in the lives of all who choose to have them but for older adults pets can be especially important. The gratification of active caring is proven to have both mental and physical health benefits for seniors and others at particular risk due to limited mobility and loneliness.
Kindred Creatures has a special interest in supporting seniors in their relationships with pets. Daily or occasional help with care and/or behaviour, and the security of knowing there’s someone to step in whenever necessary, or when there’s an emergency, means that many who might otherwise not have a pet, or who might surrender a pet due to fear or burden of care, have options for services that support ongoing pet ownership.Kindred Creatures is committed to removing barriers to pet ownership by providing the best help at the right time for each client.“It’s impossible to separate out the needs of people from those of their pets and everything, it seems, goes better when service is focused on both.”Kindred Creatures blends professional community home support service strategies, with practical animal care and training skills to deliver a full range of services that assist people in pet ownership. Improved quality of life for pets and their people is the Kindred Creatures motivation and the Kindred Creatures impact.